The Fascial Manipulation Method is a cycle of articles dedicated to the understanding of themost common dysfunctions we meet during our clinical practice, specifically theirmanifestation and treatment with Fascial Manipulation. FM specialists report clinical cases,accurately describing their symptomatology, the chosen work plan and the resultsobtained, thanks to the treatment. For privacy reasons, the names of the patients have been changed.

Today’s article is dedicated to the treatment of thigh pain. Marco De Leo is a fascial therapist who will discuss this topic.

“Giovanna is a physiotherapist, 23 years old and an amateur runner. The patient reports arecurrent pain in the lateral side of the left thigh, present for 5 months, flaring up in the last 3weeks. She reports a gradual onset of the pain, without any trauma. Pain is present mostly during the standing position.
She has no pain on presentation but reports a VRS 7 in the worst moments.She tells me her clinic story and reports a history of problems in the lateral side of the knee duringthe previous year, present only during jogging. She doesn’t have any visceral problems, apart from some recurrent cystitis in the last years and a very painful menstrual cycle. She doesn’t take anydrugs.

During the postural evaluation, I have noted a cervical hyper lordosis, lumbar hypo lordosis and hipante version.During Movement Verification: movements of abduction of Ge and Cx on the frontal plane werepainful, both in the right and left lower limb, moreover, there was a pain in extra rotation of the lefthip.

During Palpation Verification, I have found some important densifications in La and Er CC points.Based on these findings, we decided to start the treatment with the La Ge lt and La Cx lt and, forbalancing, also Me Ge lt.

At the end of the session, the patient reports a notable improvement ofher symptom picture. Upon returning to our clinic one week later, Giovanna reports her pain level has been 0/10 sincelast seen (except the day after the session).

During the second session I examined the horizontalplane, where the patient originally reported a severe pain in the Er Ge lt; I decided to treat thispoint and, for balancing, also Ir Ge lt and Er Lu lt, which was painful during the PalpationVerification. Since then she doesn’t have anymore pain in her left thigh.

With only two sessions, Fascial Manipulation has cured the thigh pain of Giovanna allowing her tocontinue both her activities of daily living and her sports”.

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