Fascial Manipulation ® Method is strongly supported by numerous studies and academic papers about fascial system’s functional anatomy, physiology, histology, innervation etc. by Stecco family and their colleagues from respected universities. (These articles can be found on international online platforms such as Pubmed, Medline, Science Direct etc.)

Here are some examples:

A Closer Look at the Cellular and Molecular Components of the Deep/Muscular Fasciae
(Fede et al 2021)
PMID: 33573365

Densification: Hyaluronan Aggregation in Different
Human Organs
(Stecco et al 2022)
PMID: 35447719

From Muscle to the Myofascial Unit: Current Evidence and Future Perspectives
(Stecco et al 2023)
PMID: 36901958

Fascial Innervation: A Systematic Review of the Literature
(Suarez-Rodriguez et al 2022)
PMID: 35628484

Fascial Manipulation® guidelines can be utilized as a complete method by itself as well as being integrated in different types of therapeutic interventions such as eswt etc.,

Analgesic Effect of Extracorporal Shock Wave Treatment Combined with Fascial Manipulation Theory for Adhesive Capsulitis of the Shoulder: A Retrospective Study
(Yuan et al 2018)
PMID: 29581969

A global approach for plantar fasciitis with extracorporeal shockwaves treatment
(Giordani et al 2019)
PMID: 31579484

Myofascial points treatment with focused extracorporeal shock wave therapy (f-ESWT) for plantar fascitis: an open label randomized clinical trial
(Tognolo et al 2022)
PMID: 34786906

Fascial Manipulation® can be also used as a supportive approach in conventional physiotherapy treatments especially for effective pain reduction:

Pilot Study of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Treated with a Single Session of Fascial Manipulation® Method: Clinical Implications for Effective Pain Reduction
(Bertoldo et al 2021)
PMID: 34356973

Effectiveness of the Fascial Manipulation Approach
Associated with a Physiotherapy Program in
Recurrent Shoulder Disease
(Bellotti et al 2023)
PMID: 37374178

Role of fasciae in nonspecific low back pain
(Casato et al 2019)
PMID: 31579477

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