Fascial system is a sub system of connective tissues which functionally integrates all the other systems in the body due to its 3D functional architecture. Because of its strategical connections with all other structures of the body and extremely rich innervation, the fascial system can be considered as an important functional support for nervous system which is vital for optimal movement function and optimal internal organ function both. In order to support the nervous system and functionally integrate all the other systems in the body the architecture of fascial system should be in optimal condition.

Two basic components of fascial system’s architecture:

1-The fibrous components as micro/macro layers of collagen based structures such as membranous structures that surround every single muscle, nerve, vein, organ etc. and as sheaths that surround the group of muscles, nerves, veins, organs etc. creating connections between these structures even from different segments. (Multi directional force transmission)

2-The loose connective tissue component in between these layers guarantees the gliding for a non irritating relationship between these structures. Optimal quality of loose connective tissue’s ability to act as a perfect lubricant is strongly related to the optimal state of Hyaluronan and the water content within.

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