1-Fascial Manipulation is a very well structured “method” not a “technique”, it has a unique biomechanical model and solid guidelines.

In FM we restore or improve the functions of:

  • All 14 body segments
  • Myofascial units
  • Center of coordinations-Myofascial sequences
  • Muscle spindles
  • Center of fusions-Myofascial diagonals
  • Myofascial Spirals
  • Golgi tendon organs
  • Free nerve endings
  • etc.

In FM we assess and treat according to the individual, having regard to various aspects, including:

  • Assessment chart
  • Medical history
  • Hypothesis
  • Movement verification
  • Palpation verification
  • Treatment
  • etc.


2-Fascial Manipulation has a global and individualized approach which cares about the complete medical history of the patient,

In FM our focus is not only on the site of pain/discomfort, but also:

  • Concomitant pain
  • Previous pain
  • Traumas/Surgeries/Fractures
  • Internal dysfunctions
  • Chronology of medical history
  • Specific sensations of the hands, feet and head.


3-Fascial Manipulation’s solid guidelines help this method to address the cause or causes of the current complaint not only the symptoms,

For example current low back pain can appear as a result of a global compensation from an older lower extremity problem or an internal dysfunction…

A shoulder problem can become chronic because of not treating an older fracture at the wrist or ribs, older trauma at the neck or an internal dysfunction…

An internal dysfunction can be caused by multi segmental, multi directional compensations of myofascial dysfunctions…etc.

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