Fascial Manipulation® is an effective soft tissue manual therapy method with certain guidelines that approach the patients individually and globally, especially in the field of myofascial pain and dysfunction, locomotor problems as well as internal dysfunctions. This method was found and has been developed by Italian physiotherapist Luigi Stecco with the scientific support of his daughter Dr. Carla Stecco and his son Dr. Antonio Stecco.


Fascial Manipulation® Method does not focus on the symptoms or just the area of pain or discomfort. Most of the time myofascial pain and dysfunction can be caused by a previous problem in different areas of the body. The following local or global compensations can cause altered perception of body position/movement, motor coordination and distribution of load on myofascial structures and joints. This may create injury risk, pain and local or global dysfunctions.


Fascial Manipulation® Specialist pays full attention to the detailed information about the patient’s medical history, life style, previous injuries, traumas, surgeries, fractures, internal dysfunctions etc. in order to address the main reason or reasons of the current pain or dysfunction. Creating a logical hypothesis, choosing the segments to work on and most importantly detecting the most densified and functionally related anatomical areas, are the crucial steps to successful sessions in Fascial Manipulation®.  Applying deep friction on these exact anatomical areas of densifications with proper positioning, velocity and depth helps to improve the gliding ability of loose connective tissue component. Therefore neighboring structures function without irritating eachother and causing unwanted compensations. The individualized precision of this method makes it possible to restore the biomechanics of the fascial system, to provide realistic long lasting results and even to prevent further injuries.

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