The Fascial Manipulation School

The Fascial Manipulation® School was created to give a complete training in the intricate fascia system, in its complex role in the human body, in order to understand all of the potential of the method termed “Fascial Manipulation®”.
The School is based on this method, combining practical and theoretical lessons to create professionals with a high level of competence in the theory and in the application of Fascial Manipulation®. The ultimate goal of the School is the training of the students to be able to perform a unique and global treatment based on the collected data from the detailed consultation, movement based examination and palpatory examination, attentively listening to the body at each phase. In this, the School wants to be a meeting point to disseminate this knowledge, aware of its enormous role in the professional growth for the student.

General information

The Training

The training is organized into 18 modules of three days each, divided into three years. It includes theoretical and practical lessons, apprenticeship with teachers, the possibility to attend a dissection done by Professor Carla Stecco and participation in the annual Congress.

The Classes

In order to provide all of the tools necessary to better master the application of the Fascial Manipulation® method, the School heavily emphasizes the practical. The School allows and encourages the students to practice the method immediately after the first set of classes are complete. Thus, the participants get more involved, discovering, discussing and solving the difficulties of Fascial Manipulation® based clinical work.
The training in the theory is, however, essential to the evolution of the Fascial Manipulation® therapist. Included in the education will be courses on the biomechanical and physiological basis of Fascial Manipulation.

I° Year – Introduction, analysis and practicing of all the basic concepts of Fascial Manipulation® including the Centres of Coordination (CCs) and their sequences.

II° Year– Introduction, analysis and practicing of the Centres of Fusion (CFs) including the studyof their spatial organization as the basis for global movements. Tensile structures andcatenaries are then presented as the basis for treatment of patients with internal dysfunctions.

III° Year – The catenaries are reviewed with an emphasis on the interconnection between thesystems and the interconnection of all of the systems with the deep fascia. The link between thesystems and the treatment of the superficial fascia will be analysed.

To qualify for the next year’s level, the students must pass a theoretical and practical exam.Theaim of the course is to arrive at the end of the third year with a global view of the patient, of thetreatment and of the method “Fascial Manipulation”.

Practical Apprenticeship

The School offers the participants the possibility to do, in small groups, a practicalapprenticeships. This will take place in our location in Padova. The contact and the interaction with the patient (volunteers external to the School) occur by degree, according to the course year of the student and the competence level the student has achieved.
The first year participants will learn how to accomplish the data collection and how to fill out the Fascial Manipulation® assessment chart. They will observe and assist in the manual treatments performed by the teachers. From the second year onward, the participants will actively perform the treatment under the supervision of the teachers. The third year students will be encouraged to use the method independently, in order to achieve a complete knowledge of musculoskeletal and internal dysfunction.

Further, every week there will be an opportunity to review particular FM cases of the students.

The Dissection

The School gives the participants the opportunity to attend in a human dissection lab. This lab experience is basic to the understanding of the body’s fascial anatomy and thus to the understanding of Fascial Manipulation®. The dissection will be performed by Professor Carla Stecco of the University of Padova.

The End of the Journey

At the end of the three year program, the participant will create and defend a thesis. Further, they will be given the opportunity to achieve the level of Certified Fascial Manipulation Specialist which allows the use of the title of Certified Fascial Manipulation Specialist and to be listed assuch on the official list of the certified experts published on our website.

The Education Board

The first class is taught by Luigi Stecco, physical therapist and creator of the FascialManipulation method. The courses are supported by Carla Stecco, Associate Professor to the University of Padova, and Antonio Stecco, Assistant Professor in the New York UniversitySchool of Medicine, Rusk Rehabilitation Institute. Dr. Antonio Stecco will continue the subsequent lessons. Additionally, other “core teachers”–Fascial Manipulation Specialists—willteach throughout the curriculum, giving focused lectures as external experts, invited to discussa specific concept of the physiology and pathology of the fascia.

Practical Information for the Student

Who can access

The School is intended for doctors and physical therapists who are interested in obtaining adeep knowledge of Fascial Manipulation®. We will evaluate non-doctors and non-physical therapists for possible entry to the School on a case-by-case basis.


To apply for entry, send your curriculum vitae to The selection will be done by the teachers, based on the curriculum vitae. The class will consistof a minimum of 28 to a maximum of 34 students.


The annual price of the School is 2,300€ + IVA if required. The price includes the theoreticaland practical lessons, the annual apprenticeship, participation in the dissection lab and thetraining material. At the end of the full three years, the students achieve the degree of “Fascial Manipulation® School” and the title of “Certified Fascial Manipulation Specialist”.


The classes are held Fridays through Sundays, 08.30 to 18.00, six weeks per year. The students can also participate to the annual Congress during a seventh weekend.
Additionally, the students will be asked to attend the practical apprenticeship on alternate Mondays and Thursdays.


The location of the course is the Fascial Manipulation Institute of Padova, Italy, on via Cavalieridi Vittorio Veneto n° 19. All of the lessons and practical apprenticeships are held here. The dissection class is held at the University of Padova.


The School guarantees 50 credits/year to every participant. This is the amount of annual creditrequested for continuing medical education.

Request information

For more information call FascialManipulationInstitute 0444 675306 or 349 2893516 or writean e-mail to or

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