Dear Luigi, Antonio and Carla,

My husband, Dr. James W White of Lynchburg Virginia, has been practicing Fascial Manipulation with great results for years. He is a level three practitioner right now.

However, the time is coming for him to retire from actively treating patients; his dream would be to have someone who could step into his practice- all of his patients want someone who will continue what he does.
We have looked on the website and do not see an area any where that might allow him to reach out to practitioners here in the states who might be interested in opening a satellite office or their first office. Or just a new office. He would like to give priority to any doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc. who would be able to continue the FM treatments.

Is there any way to be able to send out an email to practitioners? Or a way to reach out on your website? I don’t know if you have ever had anyone ask you this before. As we do live in Virginia, he has already asked his friend Colleen Whiteford if she might be interested but she is already very busy with her own clinics and with teaching FM.
So, if you have any advice or suggestions as to how we might reach out to other FM providers, we would be so appreciative! Jay‘s practice is thriving and his patients are all concerned about who will take care of them when he does retire. They all know that FM works!

Thank you so much again!!
Sincerely, Jay and Teresa White

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