We inform you that FMA Congress will be held on June 5, 2021 in Padua, in via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto No. 19, but it will also be simultaneously broadcast online.
The difficult situation, which has arisen with the spread of the COViD19 virus in Italy and around the world, forces us to postpone the publication of the detailed program, because it will have to be adapted to the evolving health situation.

Registrations are already open. All members of the Fascial Manipulation Association can take part to the Congress.

To register to Fascial Manipulation Association (New membership), you have to:

  • enter the site www.fascialmanipulation.com
  • click ok Become AMF member(lower right on Home Page)
  • Read the Statute
  • Fill in the form
  • With the password, you can access the Members Area on the home page of www.fascialmanipulation.com.

To renew your membership, you have to:

  • log in the website www.fascialmanipulation.com
  • Enter the Members Area using your password ad email (lower right on Home Page)
  • Proceed to payment
  • Your password and Membership number remains the same

 We remember the events preceding or following the FMA Congress:

  • June 01-02-03, 2021: Master Class 1st-2nd level, in English
  • June 01-02-03, 2021: 3rd level Master Class, in English
  • June 04, 2021: “Fascial Manipulation Certification®” exam
  • June 07-08-09, 2021: Hybrid course for small and large animals, 1 level (1B), in English with translation into Italian
  • June 10-11-12, 2021: Hybrid course for small and large animals, 2nd level (2B), in English with translation into Italian
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