We kindly inform that the registration to FM International School are now open.

The School is open to those who have successfully passed at least six semesters of post high School education that includes classes in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Proof of completion is necessary.

Based on the method of Fascial Manipulation, the School alternates practical and theoretical lessons with the aim of creating professional figures with high skills, confident and ready in the application of the method; participants will learn how to use all the potential of the Fascial Manipulation method, integrating all levels in a single global treatment elaborated on the basis of listening to the patient, the data collected with the medical history, objective examination and palpatory examination.

The selection of participants is made by the Scientific Committee based on the curriculum vitae.
People intending to enroll in the “Fascial Manipulation®” School are invited to send their CV to info@fascialmanipulation.com, which will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.


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