Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (2009) 13, 73–80

Giugno 2008

By Alessandro Pedrelli, Carla Stecco, Julie Ann Day.


According to Fascial Manipulation theory, patellar tendon pain is often due to uncoordinated quadriceps contraction caused by anomalous fascial tension in the thigh. Therefore, the focus of treatment is not the patellar tendon itself, but involves localizing the cause of this incoordination, considered to be within the muscular fascia of the thigh region. Eighteen patients suffering from patellar tendon pain were treated with the Fascial Manipulation technique. Pain was assessed (in VAS) before (VAS 67.8/100) and after (VAS 26.5/100) treatment, plus a follow-up evaluation at 1 month (VAS
17.2/100). Results showed a substantial decrease in pain immediately after treatment (po0.0001) and remained unchanged or improved in the short term. The results show that the patellar tendon may be only the zone of perceived pain and that interesting results can be obtained by treating the muscular fascia of the quadriceps muscle, whose alteration may cause motor incoordination and subsequent pathology.

Full text at this link. doi:10.1016/j.jbmt.2008.06.002

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