We would like to inform all of you that “Manipolazione Fasciale®”/ “Manipolazione della Fascia®”/“Fascial Manipulation®”/ Stecco® are verbal brands, and  is a figurative brand, registered at national and international level, so they are covered by copyright.
These brands can be used only by who received the written authorization. Who uses abusively the verbal and/or figurative brand might be prosecuted.

We invite all to report if you are aware of some violation, in order to:

  • protect the image of the method itself,
  • respect the operator who has completed the entire training program of Fascial Manipulation,
  • guarantee patients a treatment according to the principles of the founder of the Method: Luigi Stecco

The reporting, which will remain anonymous, must be done through this email address: institute@fascialmanipulation.com


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