2020 was an epochal year, which affected us from a health and clinical but also an economic point of view. Difficulties generally create challenges that drive to change. We think about how digital is overwhelmingly entering our everyday life, reshaping our lifestyles.
Also Fascial Manipulation Institute by Stecco was pushed to propose new ways to deepen the knowledge of the fascia and the “Fascial Manipulation/Stecco” method. Therefore we are pleased to inform you of these new projects, available on the “Stecco Learning enviroment” platform.

WEBINARS: every Wednesday there is an open and free webinar for everyone, in different languages and with speakers from all over the world. With great satisfaction in 2020 it reached 6,000 participations. The 2021 agenda is already available on the “Stecco Learning Environment” platform.

HYBRID COURSES: 1st level hybrid courses in English, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese were already available since 2020, with considerable success because:

  • the student can listen to the basic concepts directly from the founders of the method. More than 13 hours of presentations and videos are online, with multiple choice quizzes and drag & drop to verify your learning
  • the student can review and listen to the lessons as many times as he wish, up to one month after the conclusion of module 1B on site
  • the student has the opportunity to save, thanks to the special enrollment price, compared to the regular course and the absence of costs for transport, room and board for the online part


In 2021 Fascial Manipulation Institute by Stecco is pleased to also propose:

  • the 2nd level hybrid course: includes on-demand theoretical lessons and 3 days of mainly practical lessons on site;
  • the 3rd level hybrid course: it includes on-demand theoretical lessons and 3.5 days of mainly practical lessons on site


SEMINAR of ACUPUNCTURE AND FASCIAL MANIPULATION® ON-LINE: it is open to everyone, as it aims to raise awareness of the parallelism between the two methods. That’s about 10 hours of on-demand lessons, in Italian and English language . You will be surprised to see the correspondence between the proposals of the ancient acupuncturists, deduced from their clinical experience, and the proposals of Fascial Manipulation regarding the anatomy and physiology of fasciae.
The purchase allows the use of the contents for one year from the payment.

ON-LINE WORKSHOP: it is purely practical, in Italian and English, aimed to those who have already completed the 1st and 2nd level. There are 3 live online meetings lasting an hour and a half each, with a limited number of students.
It is based on hypothesis and clinical reasoning, on the logics of treatment, on the discussion of clinical cases provided by students. It is useful for removing doubts or providing advice even on patients still under treatment.

LEVEL IA ON-LINE FOR ON-SITE STUDENTS: it is an opportunity for those who have already completed at least the 1st level of Fascial Manipulation®. They have the opportunity to purchase, at a special price, the lessons of the 1A-ONLINE course presented by Prof. Carla Stecco and Prof. Antonio Stecco, in Italian, English, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew or Portuguese.
This proposal allows you to update your knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, as well as revise the strategies and logics of the “Fascial Manipulation®” method, as well as the coordination centers and motor verification. The purchase allows the use of the contents for one year from the payment.

ON-DEMAND LESSONS: these are one-hour lessons by Luigi, Carla and Antonio Stecco, useful for those who love to deepen aspects of the fascia or the “Fascial Manipulation®” method. The purchase allows the use of the contents for one year from the payment.

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