Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 30, 306-323

9 Dicembre 2013

By F.Q.Pancheria, C.M.Engb, D.E.Liebermanb, A.A.Biewenerb, L.Dorfmann.


In this paper we propose a constitutive model to analyze in-plane extension of goat fascia lata. We first perform a histological analysis of the fascia that shows a well-organized bi-layered arrangement of undulated collagen fascicles oriented along two well defined directions.To develop a model consistent with the tissue structure we identify the absolute and relative thickness of each layer and the orientation of the preferred directions. New data are presented showing the mechanical response in uniaxial and planar biaxial extension.The paper proposes a constitutive relation to describe the mechanical response. We provide a summary of the main ingredients of the non linear theory of elasticity and introduce a suitable strain-energy function to describe the anisotropic response of the fascia. We validate the model by showing good fit of the numerical results and the experimental data. Comments are included abou tdifferences and analogies between goat fascia lata and the human iliotibial band.

Full text at this link.

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