Superficial fascia: the new frontier of Fascial Manipulation®

Fascial Manipulation Institute by Stecco

Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto 19, Padova, June 10, 2023



08:00 – 08:30     Registration

08.30 – 08.40     Opening: Luigi Stecco, founder of the method

08.40 – 09.05     “Superficial fascia innervation and vascularization”: Lucia Petrelli

09.05 – 09.25     “The mastocytes in superficial fascia”: Caterina Fede

09.25 – 09.45     “Angiotensin receptors into fasciae. Clinical implication”: Carmelo Pirri

09.45 – 10.05     “Touch can affect the emotions that words cannot reach. The role of myofascial structures in interoception, emotions and body awareness. Effects of FM in physchophysical physiotherapy”: Tiina Lahtinen-Suopanki

10.05 – 10.20    Discussion

10.20 – 10.50    Coffee – break

10.50 – 11.10     “Pelvic Care and Fascial Manipulation: An External and Excellent Approach”: Colleen Whiteford

11.10- 11.30     “Pelvic floor dysfunctions and Fascial Manipulation approach in case of vulvodynia”: Paweł Malicki

11.30 – 11.50    “Patellofemoral pain syndrome: only exercise vs exercise + FM. Clinical study”: Julie Ann Day

11.50 – 12.10    “The Curious Meridian Dai Mai – Fascial Anatomy and Physiology“: Luca Pella

12.10 – 12.25     Discussion

12.25 – 12.40     2023 Celebration of the “FM Certified Specialists”

12.40 – 13.00     FMA Assembly (only for members)

13.00 – 14.30     Lunch (offered by FMA)

14.30 – 17.30     Workshops

Group A – Shortcuts in Level I and II (Italian/ English) Casadei S., Giacomini  S., Negosanti L., Santagata A.

Group B – Treatment of global and systemic dysfunctions (Italian / English) Depriori G., Motton F., Pasini A., Freschi L.

Group C – Introduction to Fascial Manipulation International School (Italian/English) Stecco A., Stecco C.

19.00        Social Dinner


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