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I hereby apply to be admitted as a member of the AMF Association with the intention of sharing the aims and finalities of this Association.
Furthermore, I declare to:
- have taken vision of the Association’s Statute and to have understood it completely
- have the necessary requisites to present this membership request to the AMF in as much as I am willing to promote and support research into the field of treatment of pain in general and, in particular, with regards to the anatomy and physiopathology of the fascial.
- approve and accept the AMF statute
- be willing to accept confirmation of the present request or a motivated refusal by the part of the Executive Council
- agree to pay the annual membership fee of Euro 20 as established by the AMF’s Executive Council

Read, confirmed and signed.

Acquisition of Consent (Italian public Law, art. 23 of D. Lgs. n. 196 of 30 June 2003). According to the article 13 of D.Lgs. 196/2003f (Italian Code on Privacy) we inform you that your personal data will be used with or without use of information media in a correct and transparent manner and in full respect of your rights (Art. 7. Italian Code of Privacy). For further information regarding the modality of treatment of personal data, to ask for cancellation of your personal data or to exercise other rights reserved to you by the Privacy Code please write to:

I have read the above conditions and I give my permission for the use of my personal data and I authorize communications, also via electronic post, concerning the AMF.

WARNING: After sending the request you will be required to pay the annual fee of €20,00 through PayPal or Credit Card.

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