Fascial Therapist

A Fascial Therapist is a health professional that uses manual techniques to modify densifications or alterations of the fascia.

Fascial Manipulation employs different types of manual techniques:

  • Deep friction with knuckles, fingertips or elbow in order to modify the deep muscular fascia
  • Mobilisation with the palm of the hand to modify the superficial fascia
  • A pincement technique applied to adipose tissue in order to deactivate focal points that limit transmission or irritate peripheral autonomous nerves.

Fascial Therapists use body signs (pain, dysfunction) together with specific tests to trace back to the cause. For example, joint pain can be a sign of conflict often caused by densification of the deep muscular fasciae. Likewise, changes in peristalsis of an internal organ can indicate a dysfunction that the fascial therapist can restore to normal by eliminating tensional imbalances in the trunk wall.

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